All the Tomfoolery and Some of the Shenanigans

The sounds of a family are so weird and random. As I sit in my office, the first obvious sound I hear is my Alexa playing “House of the Raising Son” by 5FDP. Secondly, Derrick just asked me if we had “mini skillets” and then I hear Evelyn and Savannah fighting over dirty dishes; Evelyn is washing cups, one of which happens to be Savannah’s water cup and she’s suddenly thirsty. I also hear the PS4 with some WWE Wrestling game Derrick is playing and Ivy becoming fussy. How does one relax when the loudest noise is the constant conversation going on in your head. Negative thoughts, racing thoughts, reminders of what I need to get done and how I’m going to fail at getting it done at a productive hour…considering it’s 9pm now.

But I sit here, my nails typing away on my laptop, listening to 5FDP, singing along and trying to not make typos–getting this blog out while I still have energy–I still have a few things to make for tomorrow. Tomorrow we’re hosting a Mother’s Day Luncheon for my mother, my grandmother, my sister-in-law and her mother. Money is a little tight at the moment and I can’t afford to gift everyone with dinner out to Bella’s, though I’d love to.

At least my menu is pretty easy: Caramelized Onion Shredded BBQ Chicken Sliders, a delicious cold Italian Pasta Salad, a Cowboy Caviar style Succotash and a Quinoa Salad. I also made Lavender Lemonade and Rose-infused Iced Tea; both of which got a round of applause from la familia. I also am making a few treats as take-home gifts for the moms; but I won’t reveal what they are (nor their recipes) until tomorrow–after they’ve been gifted.


Homemade Lavender Lemonade–fresh lemons from my backyard and organic lavender florets used to make a purple simple syrup.

Today was a chill day–everyone kind of did their own thing for the first half of that day. I lounged in bed, drinking coffee, nursing the baby and watching the news until my tummy grumbled, then I made myself a Lactation Encouraging breakfast of Protein-rich French Toast with a mountain of berries, chopped walnuts and a teeny drizzle of maple syrup. After breakfast, I began my morning routine of cleaning up, getting dressed and then decided to head out to the garage to clean up, do some laundry and finally get around to starting Ivy’s Nursery Mobile. I spray-painted the feathers and metal fixtures a pretty rose-gold copper, I started making the dream-catchers and did some jewel bead wire work. It’s coming along good, but I didn’t get to finish it–Ivy wanted to nurse and we both fell asleep.

By the time I woke up we already needed to head to the store for dinner items and some of the ingredients for tomorrow’s salads. And even though we made it home around 4pm, I didn’t realize it was already 7pm when Evelyn asked when dinner was–we were all that distracted. I literally have a picture of Evelyn getting a mudd-hole stomped on her via her dad because she was being a sarcastic punk and he wanted to make her pay (this is complete satire and a completely posed photo, so don’t call CPS. As you see, she is clearly laughing).

Evil Getting Stomped

Derrick and Evelyn showing their Tomfoolery, after she “beckoned” her father like a butler, complete with a high double-clap.

Derrick made us Brinner (combo of Breakfast for Dinner–ugh, millennial language) and it was good: Veggie Scramble Tostadas with Stuffed Mushrooms on the side. Since the kiddos had dental procedures today, they needed soft foods, so they had Chef Boyardee and we dug through the fridge and freezer and settled on Brinner for us. He did not disappoint, it was damn delicious (there’s a photo to the right of the screen within my IG feed).

For now, I am multi-tasking; drinking coffee, writing a blog, helping the kids figure out their earned chore points, while wearing a facial mask and loading recipe photos.

I think I earned dessert today–but I’m thinking I want a Spiced Old Fashioned instead, because whiskey sounds right now! For now, I need to go upload a recipe!

Have a good night and enjoy your Mother’s Day tomorrow–and if you get along with your mother, call her and tell her she was right. Right about EVERYTHING.


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