Thanks for finding my blog and welcome!

My name is Tricia Rathgeber. I am a 32 year old wife and mother to 5 kiddos. They range from 13 to 10 to 7 to 4 to a newborn 7 week old. We have 4 daughters and one sonny boy.

We live in sunny Southern California in a city called Riverside, which to me is the perfect city because it’s big but it’s not Los Angeles big–and we have much better art! (Shameless Derrick-theArtist.com) We live right smack dab in the middle of pure awesomeness; south of L.A., north of San Diego, west of the Colorado River and east of gorgeous Cali coast beaches. We’re in the middle of mountains, valleys of vineyards, beaches and deserts, and we’re a short drive from Las Vegas.

Anyways, that’s enough about my hometown–this is about me (oh, and my family). Back to that! This blog is just a open book of my personal journey of navigating this crazy life with a nerdy child-like spouse and 5 kids, who all have wildly different personalities. And I live with some issues; from the basic like asthma and allergies to the important like Endometriosis, Fibroids and PCOS…and the super extremely important: mental illness. I live with the diagnosis of Schizoaffective Disorder, which is just a fancy short-handed way of condensing Bipolar Disorder Type 1 and Schizophrenia. As well as Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, OCD and PTSD. I am medicated, but I’ll tell you, I tried to be unmedicated for years and the instability was dangerous; both the manic episodes and the severe depressions–I suffered from suicidal antepartum depression during this most recent pregnancy and I suffered Postpartum Psychosis after the last one. So I am managing my stability with medication, therapy, a damn good and patient psychiatrist, specialists, doctors, a healthy diet, exercise, and most important: SLEEP (when I can get it. Hard to do when you’re exclusively breastfeeding a growing baby).

I am a “Jackie-of-All-Trades” when it comes to what I do. I’m a wife and mom first; and all that entails: chauffeur, nurse, tutor, cook, play-partner, craft demonstrator, teacher, therapist, mediator, and so many other hats a mom wears. I aspire to be a writer. I’ve written a few books and thousands of poems, poetry and prose. I am currently writing an adult murder-mystery novel (hello chapter 26, I see you!) and I collaborating with my husband Derrick to write and illustrate a children’s book. I am also a student (Kaplan University–soon to transfer credits locally though) studying/majoring in Psychology; Applied Behavior Analysis and Abnormal Psychology. I am fascinated by thought, cognition and processes and the behaviors that follow.

I collect books–I tend to buy five at a time, even when I’m nowhere near finished with the ones I’m currently reading (which last I counted was 7)–thusly proving I collect bookmarks as well. With 5 kids, one tending to pause the leisure fairly often and reading books (and magazines, and blogs, and the back of cereal boxes) is a luxury.

The hipster in me is currently OBSESSED with all things rose gold and the mermaid in me has always been obsessed with all things shiny, sparkly and glittery. I just spent far too much via Amazon Prime on rose gold and glittery office supplies. It’s totally girly, but my husband thinks it’s adorable. That and he’s out-numbered, there’s 5 females in this house, plus a Aloha, our female feline.

We also have a blonde Labrador Retriever, his name is Bud. He’s technically my mother’s dog, but he’s lived here with us for about 14 months now and he’s not going anywhere any time soon. He’s a rescue pupper–and he’s as big as a moose.

Soon we’ll have some Beta Fishes because I wanna start a hydroponic herb garden and they’d make great fertilizers! Thinking I want a blue one and a magenta one and name them Aiden and Aednat…(foreshadowing at it’s finest).

I’m not the typical mom, though that’s been the trend lately hasn’t it? I’m a pierced, freakishly-colored hair having, whiskey-drinking, sweary mom, who is a Disnerd, LOVES coffee, (Derrick literally walked in with a cuppa for me as I’m typing this) Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. I have hundreds of tattoos planned, that were drawn by my husband and my oldest daughter, though I have yet to find the perfect artist to bring them alive on me. I love to cook and bake and host-the-hell out of Dinner Parties, Holiday Parties and Just-Because-I-Need-a-Fucking-Drink Parties. I love to run and play softball and go mini-golfing. I AM a land-locked Mermaid, but I am scared shitless of the ocean (because: sharks). My favorite bands are Seether, Saint Asonia (formally known as Three Days Grace), Five-Finger Death Punch, Bush and In This Moment and SOME Halestorm songs. Though I am a metro-manic lyricist and I don’t discriminate at all any genres and music; I’ll listen to anything and learn ALL the lyrics after hearing it once (I really should’ve been on Rock&Roll Jeopardy, remember that show?!) Seriously, from country to the classics to R&B and Hip Hop to Emo to Screamo. (Derrick bought me the complete Garth Brooks collection for Christmas–LOVE! ❤ )

As you can tell, I’m pretty open about everything; good (like me, cause I’m awesome), bad (like my relationship, or the lack-thereof, with my in-laws, Derrick’s maternal side of the family) and the ugly (having a postpartum hemorrhage in public at a brand new trendy restaurant and walking 4 blocks on super busy, traffic laden streets to get to my SUV to get home). So if you don’t mind a mouthy mama who loses her fucking shit from time-to-time, but shares her personal recipes (for shit like Matcha Pistachio Biscotti or Honey Jalapeno Shrimp over Cheddar Polenta) then buckle up and enjoy the ride–learn to lean into the flow, or you’ll end up with whiplash–because this life doesn’t slow down for anyone.

Our Fucking Family